Deron Verbeck is an award winning published photographer.
His specialty is underwater photography that he shoots on a single breath of air and only using ambient light.

His love of the ocean brought him from his native Southern California to the deep rich waters off the Big Island of Hawaii in 1992.

Later he became one of the best breath hold freedivers in the world going on to hold several National and Continental records. He has dove to over 275 feet on a single breath of air and has held his breath for over 8 minutes.

This has led him to the world of underwater photography where his breath holding skills and abilities allow the marine animals to feel more relaxed and undisturbed while he is with them.

Artist Statement:
I want to share the amazing experiences and creature encounters that I’ve had with anyone who is willing to take a moment and see these images through my eyes.
-Deron Verbeck


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